Announcing the Founding Circle Initiative

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On behalf of eligible voters in New Jersey who face obstacles to exercise their most basic right to participate in our democracy, thank you! Your support of ATNJ has allowed Winn and the ATNJ team to:

  • Place secure ballot drop boxes in every county
  • Write legislation requiring the Track By Ballot user portal
  • Give voters the ability to fix their mail-in ballots preventing ballot rejections
  • Submit legislation in the Early Voting law, requiring Early Voting Centers to have voting machines that can read hand-marked paper ballots AND can be verified by voters!

With your financial support this year, we will work to:

  • Get “Drive Up and Deposit” ballot drop boxes to increase access to more voters
  • Work to expand voting to 17 yr olds in the Primary Election who will turn 18 before the General Election
  • Remove the Gag Rule, which prevents university students groups from advocating and lobbying.

To launch our fundraising drive, for this year only, supporters who donate $5/month ($60/year) or more before December 31, 2021 will become part of the Founding Circle of Sustainability.

Can you contribute $5/month ($60/year) or more to strengthen democracy for all?

Please give what you can so that ATNJ is able to continue the important work of fixing New Jersey’s voting infrastructure. Many of us believe our government should be working to improve voting in our State and we agree! Unfortunately, these changes have not occurred without our organization and people like you, and that is why ATNJ was founded. We need you and your support to fix the system so it is fair and equitable for all.

We persist,

The committed volunteers of ATNJ

P.S. Elections don’t stop. In 2021 New Jersey will elect the governor, and state representatives in the upper and lower houses. Members of Congress will be up for the 2022 midterm elections — with predictions of massive amounts of outsider money being invested in the congressional district 7th race.

Join our founding circle. Let’s make it big!

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Please support this aapi-led nonprofit. Please donate towards our work.

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