Sincere thanks to the women of MACTA and Women For Progress for supporting and uplifting us. We thank YOU who showed up to support and YOU who donated, whatever amount. If you missed or had to skip out (we went a little long), here’s the video loop with Senator Cory Booker.

Be sure to have the sound on!

Who Funds Our Work

DID YOU KNOW that small donors are our funders? What this means is, small donors are who actually funded our work, not corporations, not political parties, not a major Funder. This makes it possible for us to get ballot drop boxes statewide and to keep on working to ensure that the Track My Ballot user portal actually does what it’s supposed to. We should know: we wrote it. We are $1620 short of our fundraising goal for this event. Any amount is appreciated as you know that all nonprofits are struggling this year.

Donate here:

Recurring Donors keep us going!

Monthly recurring donations work for everyone to spread out their giving. Here are some stats on monthly recurring donations!

  • Average donation $10.00
  • Smallest $3.00
  • Largest $100.00
  • Longest: 33 months
  • Newest: 1 month (we hope to get new recurring donors monthly)

Special Message from First Lady Tammy Murphy

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Thank you, all, for your support and generosity.