Below the fold – April 20, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but is important. By PL Hade

  1. N.J. Democrat who barely won re-election in 2020 already has wads of cash for 2022 race
    • I think headlines like this one are dangerous. This makes it sound like people don’t have to get to work to keep this seat. We do.Malinowski has significantly less cash ($820,591.85) than Gottheimer, Sherrill, and Kim and far less than we expect Tom Kean Jr (or another GOP candidate) to raise.
    • Kean raised just under 4 million in 2020.
  2. On Jan. 6, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President said that the Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 election have “no place in the people’s house.” In March, the union PAC gave $5,000 to one of them, N.J. Rep. Jeff Van Drew.…/nj-democrat-who-barely-won-re-election…
  3. “Hitler moustache-wearing Army reservist & alleged 1/6 insurrectionist Timothy Hale-Cusanelli should remain jailed & not return to NJ because he poses specific threat to Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood, prosecutors said in a new filing. “
  4. Oath Keepers claim that active duty law enforcement train them.
    • In 2009, in Lexington, Massachusetts, where the first shots were fired in the Revolutionary War, Stewart Rhodes founded the Oath Keepers in response to the election of Barack Obama.”
    • “The FBI calls the Oath Keepers an anti-government militia with current and former law enforcement and military members among its members. 60 Minutes profiles the group, which has become a central focus in the ongoing investigation of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.”…/60-minutes-capitol-riots…/…
    • Oath Keepers: How a militia group mobilized in plain sight…/c14c277e-a1d6-11e6…
    • The Oath Keepers have a fairly significant presence in New Jersey.
    • Counties with public Oath Keepers County Coordinators: Bergen, Burlington, Cape May, Hudson, Morris, Sussex
  5. Covid19: Last week the world had THE MOST Covid19 infections ever recorded.
    1. 571,657 Americans have died of Covid19
    2. NJ: 1935 new confirmed positives. 388 probable positives (In July we were under 400 new positives a day.)
      • Rate of Infection 0.92
      • Counties with the highest positives: Essex 233, Middlesex 208, Hudson 170
      • The State Department announced that it would begin to update its travel advisories to more closely align with those from the CDC, a change that will increase the number of countries at Level 4: Do Not Travel to “approximately 80% of countries worldwide”…/state-department…/index.html…
      • It is doubtful that the US will reach herd immunity because too many people refuse to get vaccinated. Vaccine Disinformation on Twitter: Study…/2021.04.08.21255107v1.full.pdf
      • VACCINE CARD FRAUD—it has begun. eBay lists an “Authentic CDC Vaccination Record Card” for $10.99, sold by a pharmacist in the Chicago area. It’s illegal, federal regulators say. But he has sold 100+ already, report…/scams-coronavirus…/

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