Below the fold – Feb. 19, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but is important. By PL Hade.

  1. White House announces sweeping immigration bill.
  2. From Andy Kim: “For anyone who wants to thank Jamie Raskin for defending our democracy, please consider donating to his family’s fund to honor the passing of his son last month. He didn’t even have time to mourn properly before he stepped up for our nation.
  3. 57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection: Alfonso Cirulli, deputy mayor of #Barnegat Township, Sue Solloway, county commissioner of #Hunterdon County.
  4. Garden State GOP sees tiny registration uptick after Trump impeachment
  5. Covid19
    • Nationally: 494,476 Americans have died from Covid19
    • NJ: 20,432 of our fellow New Jersey residents have died of Covid19
    • Rate of Transmission – 0.91  The rate of transmission is ticking up slightly.
    • Counties with the highest positives: Bergen 335, Ocean 310, Hudson 300
    • Wear your double mask: Covid variant called B.1.1.7 (first identified in the UK)80 cases have been identified in New York. The majority of this variant cases currently are in Florida.B.1.1.7 is more easily transmissible and it is predicted that it will be the dominant Covid19 virus by the end of March. There is reporting that it is a more deadly strain than the current Covid19 strain we are experiencing; anywhere from 30-70% more deadly.
    • Focus on vaccines overlooks life-saving antibody therapies for Covid-19 patients
    • Before you rush out to buy Vitamin D:
      • A paper published by the Social Science Research Network which is yet to be peer-reviewed, shows that calcifediol treatment involving Vitamin D significantly reduced ICU admission and mortality in patients hospitalised with COVID-19 in Barcelona, Spain.
      • A total of 930 patients admitted to COVID-19 wards at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, Spain, were included in an experiment that assigned calcifediol treatment at the time of hospital admission or as controls.
      • The medical journal The Lancet states that these “findings should not be used for clinical or public health decision making and should not be presented to a lay audience without highlighting that they are preliminary and have not been peer-reviewed.” If too much of Vitamin D is ingested then it can build up in the body to levels where it becomes toxic.

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