Below the fold – Feb. 21, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but is important. By PL Hade.

  1. The US officially re-entered the Paris climate accord Friday.
  2. From President Biden on Friday “This morning, I met with my fellow G7 leaders for the first time as president. I made clear that America is back at the table — and I’m committed to working with them to control the pandemic and address the shared challenges we face.” In the afternoon President Biden delivered remarks at a Pfizer manufacturing site in Kalamazoo, Michigan to promote vaccines.On Saturday he declared Texas a major disaster area. (They didn’t even have to fawn over him first.)
  3. The disaster in Texas:
    1. Beto O’Rourke, who nearly unseated Senator Ted Cruz in 2018, has organized volunteers to make over 784,000 wellness calls to senior citizens in Texas this week, is working to get water trucked in and is rallying other Ds to help.
    • AOC raised 3+ million dollars for relief efforts in 2 days.
    • Beyonce’s Foundation has offered 1,000 $ grants to Texans affected by the storm.Jon Ossoff is raising money for Texas in Georgia.
    • Senator Cruz went to Mexico.
    • Senator Cornyn doesn’t seem to be around but praised their Governor’s response and said “Federal action is needed to protect the lives of Texans.” (He supposedly doesn’t like centralized government.)
  4. The next time someone complains about government regulation, remind them:
  5. Erik Prince offered to supply weapons, drones and mercenaries to a Libyan militia commander seeking to overthrow the government. (Betsy DeVos’ brother. The darling of the Trump administration.)
  6. House GOP leaders begin whipping their members to oppose $1.9 trillion relief package ahead of key votes next week, per notice sent to members. The bill is moving through committees next week before heading to floor. House GOP calls the bill: Pelosi’s Payoff to Progressives Act.” CNN
    • According to the ex-Republicans who know what the GOP voter responds to, here’s the message: Republicans are voting against money for vaccines, tests, schools, small businesses, and the unemployed.
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