Below the fold – July 18, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but are important. By PL Hade

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Redistricting will start within a month. This is not the time for the Senate to take a month off.

  1. N.J. Supreme Court will pick tiebreaker on congressional redistricting
  2. Property tax breaks would be restored under Senate budget bill, Menendez says “… raising the deduction cap by thousands of dollars would benefit middle class homeowners who were hit hard by the provision, including those in New Jersey, which has the nation’s highest property taxes.”…/property-tax-breaks-would-be…
  3. Experts are now saying that, with Delta, we are going to have to get to 80% vaccinated rate.
  4. From Governor Murphy: “The New Jersey Department of Health is now providing people vaccinated in New Jersey with easy digital access to their COVID vaccination record through the Docket app. Download today through the Apple and Google Play app stores.”
  5. ‘SUPER FUN’: A gun covered in Legos to look like a toy sets off a furor
    • About a week ago, a company in Utah that makes custom modifications to firearms debuted what it described as a fun new product: a kit that encases Glock handguns in red, yellow and blue Lego blocks, refashioning lethal weapons to look exactly like children’s toys.…/lego-gun-glock…/
  6. How Do We Amplify Truth In The Face Of Overwhelming Lies?…/how-do-we-amplify…
  7. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Verizon have kept to their pledges not to donate to members of Congress who voted against certifying the election. They deserve credit for maintaining a commitment to democracy.” CREW
  8. Why Are Republican Governors Sending National Guard to the Border? Can a Nebraska highway cop arrest someone in Texas? Are there really more border-crossers now? An attempt at answering simple questions about a complicated topic.…/republican-governors…
  9. Do you own a smart home device? Does it have a camera or voice controls? The #FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center has warned that criminals are using these devices to carry out “swatting” attacks. FBI
  10. Swing districts NJ
    • Cash on hand as of June 30
      • Targeted by GOP: Gottheimer $10,028,121.06
      • Sherrill $4,122,838.65
      • Kim $2,027,766.37
      • Malinowski $1,464,401.41.
      • (Kean $88,439.93. Look for a lot of money coming into this campaign from the GOP and its PACs.)
      • Jeff Van Drew $609,408.63
      • Chris Smith $302,736.22
  11. Covid19

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