Below the fold – July 20, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but are important. By PL Hade

  1. @travisakers on Twitter is running an #AdoptATeacher campaign. You can pick something off of a teacher’s Amazon wish list for the fall.
    • Here are the states that spend the least on their children’s education if you want to pick teachers from those states:
      • Idaho (50)
      • Arizona (49)
      • Oklahoma (48)
      • Mississippi (47)
  2. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks in schools for everyone over 2, regardless of vaccinations…/us/aap-open-schools-covid/index.html
    • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’ Dr. Patterson warns that children are especially susceptible to the new #covid delta strain. He says it’s overwhelming Arkansas’ healthcare system. @KATVNews3. 
  3. #CD2 Take Back the House 2022 (PAC) has contributed $102,500.82 to Jeff Van Drew this year. #Fisher Investments is a major donor to the PAC.
  4. Reporting is that Fox News has put in place a vaccine passport system for their employees. Yesterday Fox started pushing vaccination on some programs. Probably a coincidence…
  5. Want to help damp down disinformation on Covid19? Report posts/tweets/video.
    • People assume that reporting disinformation to Social Media platforms doesn’t do anything. That’s actually not true. It has been my experience that reports of actual incorrect and dangerous information get fairly swift action from the Social Media companies.
    • ATNJ has reported several tweets that are factually incorrect about vaccines and they have all been removed by the platform. Personally I report any posts or comments that are along the lines of, “will be met with bullets,” and they have always been removed.
    • The magic though, is in numbers. If you find a tweet or post that is dangerous, report it and then let us all know the URL of the tweet or post. The more people who report a tweet/post, the more likely that it will be removed by the platform. And, if the account holder has broken the rules often enough the platforms will ban them.
    • I’m pleased that we reported the MTG tweets referenced below: Twitter temporarily suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for vaccine misinformation…/marjorie-taylor-greene…/index.html
  6. Ignoring false statements and stunts by politicians is working well so far: Letter from the Editor
    • And, covering stunts serves only to beget more stunts. If candidates find that outrageous behavior gets their name into headlines, they will continue thinking of ways to become ever-more outrageous. We think our readers prefer substance.…/ignoring-false-statements…
  7. The Bond Market Loves New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey. Were high taxes and costs to blame when the state’s debt lagged behind with investors? Apparently not.…/the-bond-market-loves-new…
  8. Freedom Defined, and Distorted…/freedom-defined-and…
  9. #CD4 Move 2022 Winter Olympics out of China, N.J. congressman says. He wants House support. Legislation to help the U.S. compete with China will include a provision calling for a plan of action to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of Beijing if Rep. Chris Smith has his way.…/move-2022-winter-olympics-out-of…
  10. Covid19
    • 612,483 Americans have died of Covid19
    • NJ
      • 324 new positives
      • 4 hospital reported deaths
      • Rate of Transmission 1.37
      • Before you go down to the shore – Ocean County’s vaccination rate is 44%. Atlantic County’s vaccination rate is 51.5%. Cape May County’s vaccination rate is 57.7%.

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