Below the fold – June 7, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but are important. By PL Hade

601,042 Americans have died of Covid19.

  1. On Friday Governor Murphy signed an executive order terminating the public health emergency in New Jersey. He will keep some of the powers to continue managing the state’s recovery for 8 months via a bill (A5820/S3866) he signed into law on that day.
    • 14 Executive orders will remain in effect:
      1. Moratoriums on evictions and utility shutoffs remain in effect until January 1. A moratorium on insurance companies cancelling policies for those who don’t pay remains.
      2. Current masking rules remain in effect.
      3. The Murphy administration keeps the ability to oversee vaccinations, Covid19 testing, and data collection until January 11.
      4. Federal stimulus payments cannot be garnished.
  2. From Governor Murphy: “With close to 1,800 vaccination sites located across the state, we are now beginning to transition away from the mega-site model to the community-based model. These sites have delivered nearly two million doses and fully vaccinated more than 950,000 people.”
  3. “The G7 Finance Ministers have made a significant, unprecedented commitment today that provides tremendous momentum towards achieving a robust global minimum tax at a rate of at least 15%.” Secretary Yellen
  4. The fake history of the filibuster will not die“ They (the Founders) created a supermajority requirement for a handful of special votes, like a treaty or Constitutional amendment, but rejected such a requirement for normal legislation.”
  5. The way democracy dies:
    • Governor Brian Kemp (R-Georgia) got booed at the GOP conference yesterday because he had refused to overthrow the election results. 500 GOP have written a letter telling Kemp to do a “forensic audit” like the clown show in Arizona.
    • According to Maggie Haberman Trump has been telling people he’ll be reinstated by August.
    • Editorial Note: I disagree with the “fully descended into madness.” He was already there.…/donald-trump-august…
  6. Deliberate Indifference: Records show ICE’s systemic failures at Georgia detention facility at the center of gynecological abuse investigations…/deliberate…/
  7. JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) will resume making political donations to U.S. lawmakers but will not give to Republican members of Congress who voted to overturn President Joe Biden’s election victory“
    • As part of its revamped spending strategy, the bank will also expand donations beyond lawmakers who oversee financial matters to those active on issues the bank considers “moral and economic imperatives for our country,” such as addressing the racial wealth gap, education and criminal justice reform.”…/exclusive-jpmorgan…/…
  8. Groundbreaking New Jersey Initiative Announces Inaugural Series of Grants to Fund Local News and Information the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium announced its inaugural round of grants, a milestone in the years-long effort by residents, journalists and local organizations to invest public funding to foster more informed communities.
  9. “Facebook is suspending Donald Trump’s accounts for 2 years, effective from the date of the initial suspension in January this year. At that time, we will assess the public safety risk and extend the restrictions if conditions require.”
  10. U.S. formally ends Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ asylum policy…/u-s-formally-ends-trumps…
  11. The Trump Justice Department secretly seized the phone records of four New York Times reporters spanning nearly four months in 2017 as part of a leak investigation, the Biden administration disclosed on Wednesday.…/trump-administration-phone…
  12. Covid19
    • NJ: 4,331,528 New Jerseyans are completely vaccinated
    • At least 248,000 children in NJ have been vaccinated.
    • 293 new positives
    • There are 12 variants in the state.

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