Below the fold – Mar 4, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but is important. By PL Hade.

Enough vaccine for all adult Americans by the end of May! It’s amazing what hard work and competent people can do. Biden administration confirms partnership between rivals Merck and Johnson & Johnson to produce vaccine…/merck-johnson-and…/

  1. The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, 220-212 last night. (HS1280) Van Drew voted No. #CD2 Smith voted No. #CD4. All other NJ Reps voted yes.
  2. The House passed #HR1 last night 220-210. Van Drew voted No. #CD2 Smith voted No. #CD4. All other NJ Reps voted yes.
  3. The House will not be in session today due to a credible threat of violence. The threat was to breach the capitol and kill Democrats.
  4. Prosecutors fill in details of Proud Boys assault on Capitol
    • Members are alleged to have dressed “incognito” on Jan. 6, then fanned out to prevent law enforcement from identifying them en masse.
    • “Defendant — dressed all in black, wearing a tactical vest — led the Proud Boys through the use of encrypted communications and military-style equipment,” prosecutors allege, “and he led them with the specific plans to: split up into groups, attempt to break into the Capitol building from as many different points as possible, and prevent the Joint Session of Congress from Certifying the Electoral College results.”…/03/01/proud-boys-capitol-472012
  5. This is some of what the NJ Right Wing is pushing on Social 
    • From a woman from Eatontown New Jersey: “The past few generations of black women don’t even know who their baby daddy was, how the hell can they trace their ancestors for reparations?? What a joke….”
    • From a lovely woman who hoped I would die when I pushed back on this: “A text and also a video of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, from which it appears, all who voluntarily get the vaccination will die.”
  6. Ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale launches super PAC ahead of 2022 midterms. Parscale is a data nerd. Assume that he has copies of all of the information the Trump campaign got from the 2016 and 2020 campaigns. Watch that PAC.…
  7. Attorneys for Rep. Bennie Thompson and the NAACP have served Trump at Mar-a-Lago with their civil rights lawsuit.…
  8. On Tuesday Biden sanctioned Russia over poisoning and jailing of dissident Alexei Navalny. The Biden administration announced a number of coordinated sanctions alongside the EU on Tuesday against several Russian officials, organizations and businesses over the poisoning and prosecution of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Last month, a Moscow court rejected the opposition leader’s appeal against a prison sentence handed down to him earlier in February for violating probation terms while recuperating in Germany from his poisoning last year.
  9. Covid19
    • From Alex Goldstein (Faces of Covid)In the coming days, families across the country will face the first anniversary of the passing of their loved ones to COVID. They deserve to feel seen & I’ll be posting regular “One Year Ago” tributes at FacesofCovid (Twitter)
    • 520,450 Americans have died of Covid19
    • NJ: 2957 new positives
      • Rate of Transmission 0.99. (It’s up)
      • Counties with the highest positives: Bergen 387, Essex 316, Ocean 284, Monmouth 274, Passaic 268, Middlesex 240, Hudson 223

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