Below the fold – May 11, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but are important. By PL Hade

  1. Municipal election are today!
    • Hackensack, Lyndhurst, Bordentown, Medford Lakes,Audubon, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Avalon, Sea Isle City, Cedar Grove, South Orange Village, Verona, Monmouth Beach, Passaic
  2. U.S. authorizes the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children age 12-15. Andy Slavitt (Note: Most scheduling systems will tell you which vaccine they are giving at a location.)…/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda…
    • From Governor Murphy yesterday 1 pm: “NEW: We anticipate that the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will give the green light to Pfizer’s emergency use authorization application to vaccinate adolescents between the ages of 12 to 15. The New Jersey Department of Health is currently finalizing guidance for parents, guardians, and practitioners. We anticipate being able to transition to vaccinating eligible adolescents as soon as Pfizer receives its emergency use authorization. We’ve spent our time preparing so we can get this latest expansion underway with minimal lead time.”
  3. NJ Trumpers update:
    • The new far right scare tactic: Call it communism!
    • Over the last week or so there has been a noticeable uptick in far righters calling everything and anything “communism.” I don’t know if they have decided that calling a program “socialism” wasn’t getting results or if they’ve just found that many segments of our population respond to “communism.” Be aware and start pushing back on this. We cannot lose the House in 2022 – If we do they can fail to certify the 2024 election.
    • Here’s a right wing NJ take on the pipeline ransomware attack that got a whole lot of likes and positive comments: “Gas prices going up… My opinion… THIS ‘dark web’ shutdown of the oil supply… Is on purpose to advance and make another (check) on why going ‘green’ is the way to go.”
    • I’m not sure how you reason with people who believe stuff like this…. PS: Trump is back at Bedminster for the summer. Since we’re still paying for his children’s Secret Service protection along with his and Melania’s our taxes will fund a nice bump to the bottom line of the Club.
  4. How many people are vaccinated in your town? N.J. releases new map.
  5. How corporate PACs are plotting to “move beyond” January 6
    • LD2. Van Drew voted against certifying the election. As of the end of Q1 Van Drew had $478,663.73 cash on hand with $16,874.11 debts outstanding.
    • Some of his contributions came from:
      • National Electrical Contractors Association
      • Recreational Fishing Alliance PAC
      • National Apartment Association PAC
      • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC
      • SouthWest Airlines Pilots Association PAC
      • His largest contributor is Jamestown Associates LLC out of Philadelphia who put in more than 40,000.00.
      • Then there’s Nancy Taft of MI who appears to have contributed every day to his campaign.
  6. “Expelling Liz Cheney from leadership won’t gain the GOP one additional voter, but it will cost us quite a few.” Mitt Romney
  7. Covid19
    1. 586,148 Americans have died of Covid19
    2. Our rate of transmission is going up.
    3. Rate of Transmission 0.94
    4. New confirmed cases 459 — New probable cases 106

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