Below the fold – May 18, 2021

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Below The Fold: The news that do not make the headlines but are important. By PL Hade

  1. NJ became the 7th state to cross 70% — 1st shot vaccinate rate for adults. We need to encourage everyone to get the 2nd shot!
    • 3,847,148 in NJ who are fully vaccinated!
    • Outdoor mask mandate has been lifted. Indoor mask mandate remains.
    • All schools are to reopen in September with full in person learning. (No word whether individual districts can mandate Covid19 vaccines the way we mandate other vaccines for public schools.)
    • A note: In my little town we have a few teachers who have refused to be vaccinated and they work in our elementary school with unvaccinated children. As a community we’re starting to struggle with how to deal with this.
  2. @maricopacounty — A favor: if you are on Twitter please RT Maricopa County’s #realauditorsdont tweets.
  3. South Carolina governor signed into law bill forcing death row inmates to choose between firing squad and electric chair.
  4. One of the only Oath Keepers running for office in America is in NJ. Here’s how it happened…/oath…/7196361002/…
  5. Trump’s response to Mayor Bowser’s request for national guard on Jan. 6: “Do whatever’s necessary to protect the demonstrators that were executing their constitutionally protected rights.” Not the lawmakers. Not the police. Not the staffers. His focus was protecting the rioters.
  6. In the wake of the Colonial Pipeline hack:President Biden signed an executive order to chart a new course to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect federal government network…/fact-sheet-president…/
  7. Greene is raising a lot of money for the GOP so leadership is, apparently, okay with her stalking other members of Congress. “Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene aggressively confronted Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday and falsely accused her of supporting ‘terrorists,’ leading the New York congresswoman’s office to call on leadership to ensure that Congress remains ‘a safe, civil place for all Members and staff.’”…/fd61d664-b37e-11eb…
  8. (Spoiler Alert: NJ is 16th) Check out the latest #DataDive to see the ranking of all 50 states, from the most voter-friendly to the least.
  9. A judge ruled that the NRA can’t use bankruptcy to reorganize in Texas to avoid a lawsuit in New York.“ U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Harlin Hale said the NRA did not file for Chapter 11 protection in good faith, but rather did so to avoid oversight by New York Attorney General Letitia James and gain an “unfair litigation advantage” over her.”…/us-bankruptcy-nra…
  10. Covid19
    • New positives 348
    • Deaths – 13
    • Children who have not been vaccinated or are too young to be eligible for the vaccine should continue to wear masks according to everything I can find. Check with your doctor on guidance.

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