Rise of Anti-Asian hate Roundtable

From Governor Murphy:

Today, Congressman Andy Kim and I held a roundtable with Asian American leaders to discuss the alarming rise in anti-Asian hate. Diversity is our state’s greatest strength. We must come together as one New Jersey family and continue our work to defeat hate and stamp out bias. Thank you, Congressman Kim, for bringing us all together. Thank you to New Jersey OAG, ADL – Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Scott Richman, Jersey Promise co-founder and former Mayor Jun Choi, parent and advocate Mary Pan, and Action Together New Jersey Board Member Samantha Bobila, for joining us.

Note: We thank our Trustee, Sam Bobila, for voicing support for AAPI-led organizations including Action Together New Jersey. Please watch the whole roundtable. Sam’s portion start around the 28:30 mark. Thank you, Governor Murphy, for giving Action Together a nice shout-out. Thanks for seeing our work. We appreciate it!

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