Want to do some good today?

We have volunteers who can commit to doing the work. If you don’t have time to volunteer but want to make an impact, a donation to our nonprofit is the most direct way you can do it.

We eliminate any fees when you donate by check:

Please make check payable to Action Together New Jersey

Action Together New Jersey

PO Box 1206

Madison, NJ 07940

We have the lowest fees when you donate via Paypal:

You can use your own credit card. You need not be a Paypal account holder to give.

The highest fees for us is donation via ActBlue:

From a voter who got one of out mailers with a Vote By Mail application and info.

What we are working on for 2020:

  • State Budget: educating the public on the 2-cent Tax (aka “Millionaire’s Tax)
  • Educating about Rank Choice Voting
  • Working with the legislature on amendments on Vote By Mail

What your donations will pay for:

We are a charity in good standing and there are basic things that we need in order to do our work.

  • $350 pays for one month’s bookkeeping to a woman-owned business that we use
  • $10 pays for 10 emails to 1000 supporters
  • $85 pays for an hour for the accountant to file our forms with the IRS
  • Any amount will go towards hiring our first full-time staff member.

Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) is a registered 501(c)4 nonprofit. Donations are non tax-deductible.