What We Do


action. access. amplify


We create actions to affect change such as letters to our State Legislators, phone calls to our Members of Congress, and Letters of the Editor to inform the public.


We make it easy for everyone to get access to their elected officials. Access should be open to everyone and not restricted to only those with connections.


We collaborate with and amplify the research, events, webinars, and actions of other organizations when the initiatives align with the mission of our organization.

Our work in 2021

Increase voting rights, transparency, and voter access
  • Amend the Ballot Cure Act to close loopholes that increases security and integrity,
  • Amend Track My Ballot voter portal to allow for more on-time or real-time ballot tracking,
  • Amend Ballot Drop Box Act to have an ADA-compliant drive up and deposit drop box in each county

Increase youth participation
  • Support funding middle school civic education via Laura Wooten’s LawS854/A3394,
  • Support allowing 17yo to vote in Primaries with the “New Voter Empowerment Act” A2763/S587,
  • Repeal the Gag Rule for nonpartisan college organizations allowing student organizations to freely participate in, advocate and spend funds for legislative activities.

Support secure and safe elections
  • Cameras to automate ballot receipt scanning,
  • Secure voting machines for Early Voting,
  • Writing legislation to hire more full-time election workers and increase the hourly pay of poll workers.